Luxury refined through material evolution

Ultrasuede® is a luxurious, highly functional material that has evolved through repeated cycles of technological innovation. It represents Japanese quality and is at the forefront of the world of new materials. The soft texture, touch and outstanding quality of this functional material contribute to its continued adoption in advanced applications worldwide.

Since its launch in 1970, Ultrasuede® has been featured in many iconic and era-defining applications, inspiring creativity in those who adopt it. As Toray’s leading brand, Ultrasuede® inspires pride and attachment for all those involved with it.

At Toray, we are actively engaged in social activities including collaborations with industry and academia. We are also reducing our environmental impact with a recycled polymer program and a shift toward plant-based polymers. Toray enriches people’s lives and contributes to a sustainable society through responsible manufacturing.

Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of “Beautiful Possibilities.”

To enrich society through empowered creativity and materials evolution.

We are committed to our values:

  • Ultrasuede® as Toray’s leading brand
  • Enrich society for the next generation
  • Sharing Japanese quality with the world
  • Expansion through technological innovation
  • Enhancing our customers’ value alongside Ultrasuede®