We are committed to our values:Sharing Japanese quality with the world

Creater Interview


LEXUS talks about "Japan Quality", an untouchable value that goes into every one of its products.

LEXUS has long cultivated technology, know-how and high-quality manufacturing. This excellence is ensured not only by machine tools, but also the eyes of well-trained artisans and taking cautious consideration for the users.

By believing in the delicate human senses, one can materialize functionalities and experiences that truly resonate with drivers and passengers. Such value beyond objects is what LEXUS recognizes as "Japan Quality."

From ceiling materials that follow the contour of parts to seat materials with calculated perforations that combine functionality and beauty, LEXUS and Ultrasuede® have always evolved the form and function of the automobile while taking on challenges of highly original design coordination.

Realizing how people interact with an automobile, along with an insatiable dedication to quality, has made LEXUS a global lifestyle brand. Ultrasuede® matches that dedication, and has fostered a relationship built on "trust and resonance."


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