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Tradition vs. innovation: Why ISSEY MIYAKE is always on the cutting edge.

ISSEY MIYAKE is always at the forefront of fashion and the times. Using traditional techniques handed down for generations as well as today's cutting-edge technologies, the brand designs modern clothing while forging new ways of thinking.

ISSEY MIYAKE and Toray, Ultrasuede® have been collaborating for the past 50 years. Together, they have forged a history of design exploration, developing a series of innovative materials and the exciting ideas that help us make the most out of them.

This history has helped lead to the new brand A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE and its many products, and it will continue in the future. The possibilities are limitless.

We are proud to have been a part of ISSEY MIYAKE's creative processes—
The precious experiences earned together by the people and the companies is the proof that Ultrasuede® is the "Toray's leading brand."


The first ISSEY MIYAKE collection was presented in New York in 1971, and since the Fall/Winter 1973 season, each new collection has been unveiled in Paris. Yoshiyuki Miyamae had been a designer of ISSEY MIYAKE from 2011 to 2019.

A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE, a new brand led by Yoshiyuki Miyamae, was launched in 2021. The brand aims to weave the future of fashion by encouraging dialogues on clothing between creators and wearers. A-POC, originally announced in 1998, has revolutionized the process of clothes- making by introducing a new form of design in which the wearer participates.
With more dynamism, A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE further develops what A-POC created, and how it has evolved and continues over time. Engaging with a piece of cloth to bring about different ideas and diverse relationships with the wearers. The brand creates a variety of "ABLE's" by engaging with different professions and industries.


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