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Creater Interview


Modern master furniture craftsman Shigeki Matsuoka of KOMA focuses on what is real and genuine.

While the majority of the furniture market is dominated by industrial products, KOMA produces furniture pieces based on a singular concept—Turning unique work into a Product.

Their beautiful, high-quality work is made through the pursuit of functionality as a tool: KOMA furniture pieces can only be crafted by "sticking to genuine things."

Ultrasuede® is a material that KOMA has arrived at through its commitment to genuine things. The material's unique texture, colors and creative possibilities add to the power to enhance KOMA's creations, which can even move people's emotions. Such value can only be achieved by the craftsmanship and the materials interacting and "enhancing with each other."

About " KOMA "

KOMA is a furniture workshop started by Shigeki Matsuoka in 2003.
In a small workshop of about 10 people in the suburbs of Tokyo, they are particular about handicrafts and sell furniture that seems to be the best as a maker at a directly managed store in Suginami-ku, Tokyo.

In order to bring out the gentle and smooth touch of wood, they use cherished cutlery like treasures and take time to finish it.
The fingertips that hold the tool, the sound that the tool makes, and even a piece of wood chips are beautiful.
In this way, they carefully make furniture one by one that will stay with the user for a long time.

They have won many prestigious design awards from all over the world and are sending Japanese handicrafts to the world.


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