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Creater Interview


Bilio, a technical soft goods design company in Berkeley, California

While innovation is a word we often hear used casually, there is always a story behind it.

Since its establishment in 2015, Bilio, a technical soft goods design company based in Berkeley, California, has been creating products and services that are not bound by convention. The company's work combines materials, design and technology to support a new way of manufacturing for a diverse set clients in the tech, apparel, footwear, health, automotive and furniture industries.

Bilio's passionate team of employees interprets the unique sensations and characteristics of Ultrasuede®—warmth, appeal, comfort and ease of cleaning—for innovative applications.

Bilio's goal of a thoughtful and time-consuming innovation.
Ultrasuede®'s continuous technological advances and exploration that demonstrate the unique values.
When these two are coupled, "creation expands endlessly."


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