Ultrasuede® is a luxurious yet highly functional non-woven material with a suede texture made possible by leveraging the most advanced fiber technologies at Toray — the inventor of the ultra-fine fiber.

The polyester ultra-fine fibers used to create Ultrasuede® are so light that a strand more than 900 km long would weigh less than one gram. By entwining bundles of ultra-fine fibers and elastic high polymers in a dense three-dimensional configuration, Toray has created a revolutionary material distinct from conventional woven or knitted fabrics.

Thanks to Toray’s tireless technological innovation, the characteristics of this generational material mimic yet surpass natural leather suede. As a result, Ultrasuede® has been adopted in countless applications since its launch in 1970.

The Beautiful Possibilities ofultrasuede®

  • Soft touch, with luxurious texture
  • A wide range of exquisite colors
  • Superior durability
  • Breathability and permeability for true comfort
  • Comfortable surface temperature regardless of ambient temperature
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Made with advanced technologies using resource-recovery systems and plant-based polymers
  • It’s both uniform and lightweight, easily processed for a multitude of products and users
  • Widely adaptable to a variety of specifications, functions and applications
  • Unlimited creative options like laser cutting, embossing or printing

Examples of Testing Compared to Natural Leather

The Structure of Ultrasuede®

  1. ASurface
    The surface, made of intertwined, brushed ultra-fine fibers, creates a uniquely soft and smooth texture, much like natural premium suede.
  2. BNon-woven structure
    Intertwined ultra-fine fibers and polymers form the internal structure, providing uniformity, durability and breathability.
  3. CScrim
    Beneath the exquisitely soft touch lies the sturdy inner body, composed of a rope-like lining called the scrim—the secret behind the tautness and durability that makes Ultrasuede® perfect for furniture, automobile seats and many other applications.

Ultrasuede® nu is a non-woven material created using ultra-fine fibers for a genuine grain leather appearance.

This luxurious, innovative material combines advanced design and functionality as a new creation from Toray, the inventors of Ultrasuede® and the ultrafine fiber. Ultrasuede® nu marks a superlative new option for premium quality material from Japan. The next generation of lightweight, breathable leather: Ultrasuede® nu provides customers with a new choice superior to conventional natural and synthetic leathers.

Characteristics of ultrasuede® nu

  • Delicate texture and suppleness reminiscent of premium aniline leather
  • A unique, calming luster
  • Light, comfortable breathability
  • Environmentally friendly non-animal (vegan) material
  • It’s both uniform and lightweight, easily processed for a multitude of products and users
  • Widely adaptable to a variety of specifications, functions and applications
  • Unlimited creative options like laser cutting, embossing or printing

Examples of Testing Compared to Natural Leather

Cross-section comparison of Ultrasuede® nu with other leather materials

Natural leather(Aniline cowhide)


Standard synthetic leather

  1. A:Surface
    Ultrasuede® nu differs from standard synthetic leather in that a very thin and delicate layer is formed on the material through a special surface treatment and generous application of resin. This gives Ultrasuede® nu a premium texture, touch and softness.
  2. B:Internal structure
    Unlike standard synthetic leather, which is formed from woven fabric, Ultrasuede® nu is a non-woven material with an intricately entwined structure made of ultra-fine fibers. This faithfully reproduces the texture of premium genuine leather while keeping the material light and highly breathable.

The Ultrasuede® Manufacturing Process

Highly regarded by customers all over the world, Ultrasuede® is carefully manufactured using Toray’s latest technology and manufacturing processes.

Certifications: ISO9001 • ISO14001 • IATF16949

  • Polymerization
    Ultra-fine fiber technology has advanced thanks to the implementation of resource-recovery systems and plant-based polymer materials.
  • Fiber spinning
    Extruded ultra-fine fibers are bundled with polymer, creating what we call an “Islands in the Sea” configuration, with the filaments “afloat” in each strand.
  • Felt processing
    The strands are then transformed into soft, felt-like sheets of material via a complex process that is completed by needle-punching and more.
  • Leathermaking
    After being fortified with a polymer binder, the fibers are further processed to create a material that is soft and supple while remaining strong and durable.
  • Coloring & finishing
    Finally, Ultrasuede® is created, made possible through advanced dyeing technology developed for ultra-fine fibers. The remarkable process creates an unparalleled range of light-resistant colors with excellent colorfastness.

Sharing Japanese quality with the world

With over 50 years of experience and proven quality based on research, technology that meets customers’ demands and agile, flexible production capacity, Toray meticulously manages every step of the production process. Our world-leading track record as a general materials manufacturer allows us to supply innovative materials across the globe, meeting quality standards and regulations for each region, country and customer. Proprietary partnerships with other Japanese manufacturers allow us to offer a range of manufactured goods that fulfil our customers’ needs.

Through our international support and sales system with bases across the globe, we offer our customers detailed proposals to suit their needs, fine-tuned services and after-sales support. We deliver Japanese quality products to customers worldwide who have placed their trust in our company.


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