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Toray International America Inc.

Toray International America Inc. is part of the Toray Group, a $16.5 billion corporation with operations at over 250 locations around the world. Although the Toray Group serves virtually every major industry, the company's core expertise is rooted in three fields of chemistry: organic synthetic, polymer and biochemistry. Today, the Toray Group's foundation businesses—fibers textiles and plastics & chemicals—contribute to industries as diverse as fashion and housing, IT and pharmaceuticals.
The inventor of the technological breakthrough that made ultra-fine fiber materials possible, Toray remains the worldwide leader in these advanced materials, researching, developing and marketing them through our global Advanced Fibers Materials Division, founded in 2001. The Ultrasuede Department of Toray International America Inc. takes charge of all sales and marketing activities in the Americas.
Everywhere we market our unique products, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with synergistic solutions to our customers' most challenging demands. In addition to comprehensive marketing support services, we also offer full-range R&D support through our R&D facilities and Technology Center in Japan.

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