Ultrasuede® LXLuxury

Luxury: Stretchability combined with a rich suede touch


  • Unparalleled softness in both its hand and feel
  • Gorgeously plush suede surface
  • Wrinkle-resistant, easy-care, and washable at home.
  • Strong, resilient microfiber possesses excellent colorfastness and resistance to crocking
  • Superior resistance to discoloration at perspiration points, thanks to advanced dyeing techniques
  • Moderate horizontal stretchability makes it adaptable and well-suited for use in apparel


51” / 1,300mm
Put up:
33yd. / 30m R.O.T.
Approx. 6.5 oz per sq. yard / 220g per sq. meter
Fiber Fineness:
0.04 dtex
80% polyester ultra-fine fiber non-woven with 20% non-fibrous polyurethane binder

Color Palette

  • CD8White

  • GV0Melange Gray

  • GC1Asphalt

  • GB2Black

  • CB1Sand

  • CB9Sable

  • GH0Black Olive

  • CN1Off White

  • CA5Ivory

  • CA0Beige

  • CQ8Ginger

  • CB8Camel

  • GD8Brownstone

  • GA3Coffee

  • CC9Citron

  • CT6Orange

  • GF2Red

  • WA6Rose

  • WA4Burgundy

  • GH5Purple

  • CC6Sky

  • CT5Turquoise

  • WA7Blue

  • GV9Forest Green

  • GB7Navy

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Stretch Finish

By adding a stretch to the interior scrim, Ultrasuede® LX can achieve over 20 percent more elongation, enabling LX to be more comfortable and form-fitting. This material is ideal for body-fitting garments, including slim jackets and pants.

  1. Original fiber

  2. After heat treatment

Heat treatment shrinks the fibers, resulting in higher stretchability.

  1. Original scrim constructions

  2. After the heat

treatment (and shrinkage)
At a high temperature (130˚C), kneading is applied to aid the stretchability.

Conventional Ultrasuede®

Elongation Rate/Recovery Rate

Ultrasuede® Stretch type

Elongation Rate/Recovery Rate

  • Elongation rate (measured elongation method):L10968.8.14.A method / Elongation recovery rate (cyclic elongation method):L10968.14.2A method


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If you cannot find the color you are looking for, please inquire about our custom-color service. Minimum order quantity and terms may apply, depending on the product.
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Recommended use of applications