Ultrasuede® is a material made of ultra-fine fibers. It has a soft touch, luxurious texture and comes in a wide range of exquisite colors, bringing unlimited creative possibilities. Ultrasuede® offers superior durability, ideal breathability and moisture permeability, easy care and washability, and freedom in terms of cutting with no fraying and secondary surface processing. These characteristics have been highly evaluated as a material suitable for fashion applications and it has been adopted by many well-known fashion brands. Furthermore, compared to natural leather, Ultrasuede® is lighter and more uniform, more environmentally friendly, is a non-animal vegan material, and has appeal in terms of ethical consumption due to its use of recycled polyester and plant-based polyester.

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Sewing Manual

This is a basic manual for sewing Ultrasuede®.
Explains how to handle the raw material, and cut, sew, and finishing press.


Sewing Options

This is a document to show several ways to utilize Ultrasuede® when sewing. It proposes sewing designs that take advantage of the features of Ultrasuede®, such as cut-outs, butt-joint sewing, and integrated body pockets.


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