Ultrasuede® TSThick and Soft

Thick and Soft: Reassuringly thick, soft and environmentally friendly, featuring recycled raw plant-derived materials


  • Superior durability
  • Breathability and permeability for true comfort
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • It’s both uniform and lightweight, easily processed for a multitude of products and users
  • Unlimited creative options like laser cutting, embossing or printing
  • Employment of partially plant based polyester


55” / 1,420mm
Put up:
33yd. / 30m R.O.T.
Approx. 15.9 oz per sq. yard / 540g per sq. meter
Fiber Fineness:
0.21 dtex
75% polyester ultra-fine fiber non-woven (30% plant-based) with 25% non-fibrous polyurethane binder

QUALITY(Physical Properties and Color Fastness)

Tear Strength (N)ISO 13937-1≧15
Tensile Strength (N)ISO 13934-1≧600
Pilling Resistance(Grade)ISO 12945-1 (10 hours)≧3
Abrasion Resistance(Cycle)ISO 12947-2(12kPa, 20,000 cycles)over 20,000
Abrasion Resistance(Grade)ASTM D 3884 (Wgt 1000g, 500 cycles, Internal Standard)≧3
Dimensional change after washing(%)ISO 6330 4M-C (Front Loading Washing Machine / 1 Cycles)-3% to 1%
Color Fastness to Rubbing (Grade)ISO 105-X12Dry ≧ 4
Wet ≧ 3
Color Fastness to Light (Grade)ISO 105-B02(Xenon Arc Lamp)≧4
Color Fastness to Perspiration (Grade)ISO 105-E04Color Change ≧ 4
Staining ≧ 3
Color Fastness to Washing (Grade)ISO 105-C06 B2SColor Change ≧ 4
Staining ≧ 3

Color Palette

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Recommended use of applications