The Luxury Grand Touring Car HiPhi Z, Equipped with Partially Plant-Based Ultrasuede® Upholstery

Following on from the HiPhi X crossover, the second flagship model by up-and-coming car manufacturer Human Horizons under the HiPhi brand was officially announced on August 26, 2022: the HiPhi Z Grand Tourer. It's a luxury model, with its 4-seater and 5-seater options set to sell at a price point of 10 million yen or higher. Ultrasuede® is an environmentally friendly material that uses recycled resources derived from plants as part of its raw materials and has been utilized for multiple parts of the upholstery of HiPhi Z.

Human Horizons is dedicated to the latest developments in automotive manufacturing, combining cutting-edge technological innovations with the highest quality in luxury comfort, defining a new segment of cars: TECHLUXE®. It shares the same DNA as the HiPhi Z, having been brought into being under the three guiding principles of design defined by scenarios, vehicle defined by software, and value defined by co-creation.

The HiPhi Z creates a lifestyle of the future

The HiPhi Z fuses digital and near-future styles, creating a car design that enables beautiful lifestyles of the future via the digital stylings and concepts of digital machinery.

Founded on design concepts inspired by space travel, digital living and multiple sensory dimensions, the exterior features the world's first wraparound Star-Ring ISD light curtain system, with the 4,066 LEDs making it possible for passengers and the driver to communicate interactively with the outside world. What's more, in addition to the interior boasting a built-in 23-speaker audio system, the instrument panel and door panels have been installed with illuminations that grant them with a sense of clarity, vitality and dynamism, while the three-dimensional design and rhythmic colors create a sophisticated sci-fi ambience for the user, in lockstep with the spacecraft cockpit concept.

Ultrasuede® Used in Multiple Sections of the Interior

Ultrasuede®'s combination of soft, smooth texture and outstanding durability are made use of for the headliner, pillar interiors, sun visors and instrument panels, creating a premium interior space. All of the Ultrasuede® used in this new release is made from environmentally friendly materials that use recycled plant-based resources as part of the raw materials, and the adoption of Ultrasuede® for the instrument panel, with its outstanding light resistance, is a world first. The use of Ultrasuede® across these many areas grants passengers a luxurious and elegant traveling experience. Human Horizons, through their meticulous, no-expenses-spared interweaving of sound, lighting, and Ultrasuede® texture, has crafted an immersive, comfortable and functional space.

Ultrasuede® is a material that moves forward toward the beautiful possibilities of the future.

ultrasuede® for Automotive