State-of-the-art SUV
Ultrasuede® Teams Up with the HiPhi X to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

In July 2021, sales of the HiPhi X, a luxury electric vehicle (EV) from the Chinese brand Human Horizons featuring groundbreaking technologies, reached 428 units. This number of sales may not surprise you, but it should be taken into consideration that the HiPhi X is a luxury EV model that costs more than almost 75,000 USD (66,400 Euros).

Incorporating user needs into its design, the HiPhi X delivers outstanding driving performance, plus the luxurious interior space of a large SUV. In China it ranks second in sales of luxury EVs in the same price range. This can be attributed to superior product quality, especially in the interior design, where the use of Ultrasuede® in areas such as the ceiling, pillars, sun visors and console adds a further touch of sophistication to the HiPhi X.

An innovative driving experience

Step into a stylish interior that makes for a delightful mobile space.
Delicate to the touch, Ultrasuede® is a pleasant, satisfying experience for drivers and passengers alike, creating snug fitting seats while imparting an elegant, luxurious feel to the cockpit.

User-friendly comfort

Light, soft, smooth and easy to process, Ultrasuede® boasts exceptional stretchability and moldability, making it ideal for a wide variety of products and applications. Interior design has been thoroughly explored to match the performance and hardware of the interior.

Full-dimensional sensing

In the HiPhi X, which uses smart technology to sense driver behavior, the refined pure color, delicate texture and light, comfortable air permeability of Ultrasuede® provides a completely new experience for passengers.

Outstanding technology

The Ultrasuede® used in this vehicle is a sustainable, high-performance material which uses recycled resources derived from plants as part of its raw materials, or pre-consumer waste of polyester. Together, the HiPhi X and Ultrasuede® continue to drive innovation and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Ultrasuede® & the HiPhi X

Ultrasuede® is a luxurious yet highly functional non-woven material with a suede texture made possible by leveraging the most advanced fiber technologies at Toray — the inventor of the ultra-fine fiber. It continues to enjoy wide popularity as the material of choice for a wide range of cutting-edge applications, not only in fashion and interior design, but also in automobile and aircraft interiors, sports gear, and accessories for smartphones and mobile devices.

The HiPhi X, the world's first electric SUV to win the International Design Gold Award, uses Ultrasuede® for various applications to create a premium interior space.

Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of "Beautiful Possibilities."

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