Innnovation Award

Introducing the Ultrasuede® Innovation Award

In March 2019, Ultrasuede® launched the Ultrasuede® Innovation Award in collaboration with LABELHOOD, which operates select specialty stores in China and also serves as a fashion events incubator.
This is an initiative to support young Chinese designer brands that are expected to be successful in the future.
As a new stage of this initiative that has been held three times before (, from 2022 onwards, Ultrasuede® will independently select designers to receive a cash prize of 100,000 RMB and receive both materials and technical support from Ultrasuede® to participate in a show at Shanghai Fashion Week.

2022 Prize Winner


Founded in 2017 in Paris and Shanghai by Dayun Tang, who studied fashion design at Studio Berçot Paris. The brand concept is keeping curiosity and youthfulness about the unknown world.

The fashion show was unable to be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a preview of the 22AW collection was exhibited in Shanghai. In a collection inspired by Greek mythology, the items were made even more impressive by the addition of patchwork, laser prints, and other subtle finishes applied to the Ultrasuede®.

2023 Prize Winne


Founded in New York City in 2020 by SHIE LYU, a graduate of Parsons College. She has lived and been educated in Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York, and is currently based in China, where she is active both domestically and internationally, having won numerous international fashion design awards.

The brand concept is future craftsmanship, featuring designs that use exquisite couture techniques like 3D embroidery, weaving, knotting or crochet. She has also developed her own zero-waste tailoring technology, which allows her to use 100% of the fabric and achieve zero waste during production.

The SHIE LYU 23AW collection marked the closing show of Shanghai Fashion Week, while also being the first time the brand had participated in the event. The theme of the collection was "Land Mermaid" expressing a futuristic image of a powerful woman, and the hard, yet supple and eminently delicate texture of Ultrasuede® was the perfect choice of material to express this strong female image.

2024 Prize Winner


After graduating from Central Saint Martins College in London with a Master of Fashion and Bachelor of Fashion degrees, he founded his eponymous womenswear brand in 2021. In 2023, he was named a semi-finalist of the LVMH PRIZE.

Louis has worked for Spain's Loewe and the UK's Kiko Kostadinov and Burberry. His designs are influenced by these European experiences combined with the cultures and traditions of his native China, and he expresses his newly defined worldviews through his collections.

The theme of his 24AW collection is "The Woman who's angry." Against the backdrop of the long-term pandemic and economic instability, the collection expresses the courageous image of a woman who may be fragile and introverted, but still boldly and powerfully lives in the present. The Ultrasuede® series, with its signature rose-patterned print that runs in shades from pink to a deep, burning crimson, as well as a delicate spotted fawn print, are among the most prominent in the current collection, with the material's smoothness and flexibility used to reflect women's delicacy and strength.