The new NIO ES6 with partially plant-derived Ultrasuede®

NIO's new ES6 model was launched in May 2023. The new ES6 model is 4,854 mm in length, 1,995 mm in width and 1,703 mm in height. Compared to previous models, the total height is 55 mm lower in the new model and the height between the rear seats and ceiling has increased by 75 mm. In China, the new, luxury ES6 is priced at over fifty thousand dollars for the 75-kWh battery model and over sixty thousand dollars for the 100-kWh battery model. The latest type of Ultrasuede® uses plant-derived resources as part of the raw materials, and is utilized for multiple parts of the upholstery.

The core design concept of the new ES6's interior is to make the space the user's second living room. The spacious, near-futuristic interior is polished yet warm, bringing the user a feeling of being in their own living room when inside the vehicle. The use of Ultrasuede® in the ceiling, pillars and sun visors gives the vehicle a luxurious and warm atmosphere. The roof features a large panoramic glass sunroof with a daylighting area of 1 m2 and an openable length of 707 mm, bringing natural sunlight to the front and rear seats. Through simplistic, precision-driven design as well as the latest technology and functionality, a warm, open atmosphere and a comfortable driving experience are ensured.

The new ES6 is available in 10 exterior colors and four earth-toned interior colors. Onyx Black Ultrasuede® is used in ceilings, pillars and sun visors. The color tone is the same as previous models, but a newly developed, partially plant-derived Ultrasuede® is used. The latest product, which uses polyester made from ethylene glycol produced from sugarcane molasses, has a plant-derived raw material ratio of approximately 20%. This environmentally friendly material has a soft, luxurious texture and high elongation property and formability, giving the vehicle an elegant and comfortable interior space.

Ultrasuede® is a material that moves forward toward the beautiful possibilities of the future.

ultrasuede® for Automotive