Ultrasuede® LT

Supremely lightweight…the essence of softness…the beauty of Ultrasuede®

The brilliant design of Ultrasuede® LT ensures this material is comfortably soft and elegantly drapable. That breezy, lightweight texture offers luxurious permeability and functionality, making Ultrasuede® LT an ideal fabric for any garment and every season.

  • Invitingly soft hand with a smooth, sensuous feel.
  • Plush suede surface.
  • Resistance to crocking, pilling, stretching and shrinking.
  • Excellent colorfastness that also avoids discoloration at perspiration points thanks to advanced dyeing techniques.


  • Style: 8801
  • Composition: 80% polyester ultra-microfiber non-woven with 20% non-fibrous polyurethane binder
  • Width: 58” / 1,480mm
  • Put up: 33yd. / 30mm R.O.T.
  • Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Weight: 5.0 oz. per sq. yard / 170g per square meter
  • Fiber Fineness: 0.04 denier


From everyday upkeep to removing stains, visit this page to learn how to care for your Ultrasuede®.