NIO ec6ultrasuede®

Teaming up with the Ultrasuede® brand brings an upgraded experience to NIO EC6.

In continuous pursuit of “Beautiful possibilities,” the Ultrasuede® brand has teamed up with the sparkling NIO and their latest EC6 model to provide a special driving experience that delights the senses.
NIO designers have adopted Ultrasuede® in their car ceilings, pillars and sun visors, giving every detail of the EC6 a luxurious feel.

A material that emanates trailblazing beauty not only in appearance

As a non-woven material with a suede texture using ultra-fine fibers, Ultrasuede® is a pioneering presence in the field, and is a perfect match for the unique interior of the NIO EC6. The material boasts an outstanding feel and comfort, imbuing every detail of the EC6 with greater youth, energy and comfort. The EC6 is a stunning, exciting, smart electric SUV coupe that is a pleasure to drive.

Refined, pure color arrangements

Ultrasuede® boasts refined, pure color arrangements that strike a perfect balance with the new “Himalayan golden brown” interior color scheme of the NIO EC6. The material imparts an elegant feel to the vehicle’s interior, and achieves a uniform, comfortable interior design.

Luxuriously smooth feel for a pleasant drive

Ultrasuede® is soft on the skin with a silky-smooth texture. Used in the car ceiling, pillars and sun visors, Ultrasuede® allows drivers to set foot into a comfortable driving environment as soon as they open the door to their NIO EC6.

A pure, exhilarating interior space that embodies the very essence of the NIO brand

Stylish, light, durable, delicate—Ultrasuede® embodies the pure, modern design of the NIO EC6 brand. The vehicle’s classy, unique and sporty cockpit makes for an enjoyable mobile living space.

Ultrasuede® is a non-woven material with a suede texture using ultra-fine fibers, offered globally by Toray as an advanced material of premium Japanese quality. It is luxurious yet highly functional,the material has continued to be selected for use not only in fashion and interior applications, but also in leading-edge applications such as the interiors of automobiles and airplanes, sports gear, accessories for smartphones and mobile devices, and more.

Together with the NIO EC6, Ultrasuede® brings beauty and experience that appeals to the senses to every element of product design.

Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of “Beautiful possibilities.”