Responsibly Enginnered by Ultrasuede®

Since 2010, Ultrasuede® HP, used widely in furniture, automobile upholstery and fashion, has implemented ultra-fine fiber made using recycling technology. The newest generation of Ultrasuede® HP is now made using partially plant-based polyester made from biodegradable waste, such as natural byproducts recovered from food-processing plants.

We are perpetually invested in working toward building a sustainable, low-carbon society through the principle of responsible production of our materials.

  • We take environmental responsibility seriously, looking for opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint everywhere we can.
  • Life Cycle Management principles help us fulfill our goals of sustainable development.
  • At Toray, we are expanding our “Green Innovation Businesses,” which contribute to resolving today's environmental, resource and energy issues.
  • From the dissolution of raw materials to the application of dyes, we implement energy- efficient measures throughout the entire Ultrasuede® production process.
  • As part of our initiative toward more sustainable manufacturing, we are engaged in R&D for plant-based polyester technology.

An Evolving Ultrasuede®

The polyester used in Ultrasuede® is recovered from pre-consumer waste. Toray's own advanced feedstock recycling technology allows for shorter production time, making possible the reduction of fossil energy consumption. The materials shown at right are input materials for the feedstock recycling system.